How to Make Money AS CROSSDRESSER on OnlyFans?

Earning money on OnlyFans as a crossdresser is not complicated! Moreover, it does not mean publishing nude content. Here is my quick guide on how to make some πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’².

Please create your OnlyFans account and check the following tips.

Choose The Right Pricing

OnlyFans gives you a lot of possibilities while choosing the pricing model. You can offer a paid subscription that will result in a monthly income. You can also provide a free subscription with premium content.

Most crossdressers prefer the paid model. If the price is reasonable, the income can be impressive. Remember that it is not easy to gather followers that are willing to pay you at once.

I prefer the free model, as it helps to gather a big fanbase. Publishing free photos from time to time increase your account's engagement rate. You will earn the money with paid posts and tips anyway.

Publish the right content

Having an OnlyFans account does not mean you have to publish nude photos! Do not consider it at first. Think about your special feminine features and embrace them.

You may have an extra thin waist, or girly legs, or some extraordinary set of clothes. Your face is androgyne? Reveal it to the world 😎. Watch the reactions and you will know what turns people the most. Don't show your hand before you start the game. Leave something to the imagination. And to your followers' wallets!

OnlyFans is full of nudity. Don't try to look exactly like thousands of other chicks there!

Promote Yourself on Social Media

You have to find a way to gain followers. OnlyFans won't help you here. Try to build your fanbase on some free platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way, you will be able to promote your paid subscription. You will simply direct the traffic from free to paid πŸ™‚.

I want to warn you here. You will receive tens of messages from OnlyFans "specialists". They are usually willing to promote you for few dollars. Do not believe them. I tried it myself, and it was a total waste of money. Instead of paid promotion, try to find some girls willing to do a share-for-share deal.

I can also help you here. I am doing free Instagram/Twitter shoutouts and share-for-shares on OnlyFans 😎.

Don't make it a flash in the pan

Prepare a plan for your publications. Be consistent. Fulfill the expectations of your fans. Try to publish two photos or movies per week. It is much better than sharing 10 photos in a row and then becoming quiet for a month.

People will know when you lose interest in your account, and they will do the same. Try to assure them you are still active, even if you publish older stuff.

If you choose the free subscription model - publish a free photo from time to time. By doing it, you will promote your paid content. It works well. Believe me.

Respect your fans

Always respect your fans, if only they respect you. Be honest with them, message them, and show your gratitude.

On the other hand, don't hesitate to point out any offense towards you. People can be very different. And their expectations on OnlyFans are sometimes sky-high. The fact that they tipped you does not mean that they own you. Draw a line and don't let anybody cross it.

A true and honest relation with people that pay for your content will bring you a lot of joy and creativity 😎.