How to STAY anonymous AS CROSSDRESSER?

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1. Remove EXIF data from photos

EXIF data may contain your exact GPS location, your name, or some sensitive data that can lead to identifying you.

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2. Pay attention to the photo’s background and details

While shooting your anonymous crossdressing photos, you have to act as a real Crime Scene Investigator. Be Sherlock Holmes. Look at the pictures and check what can lead to identifying you or your location.

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3. Learn how to feminize your FACE

Wearing a disguise is an obvious way to stay anonymous. You have to make sure that you are as passable as you can be. This way, nobody will even suspect that you are a male. Your face is most important here. If it becomes different, people won't recognize you at all. It is all about proper angles, makeup, lights, and your behavior in front of the camera.

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4. Create separate mail and social media accounts

Do not use your private e-mail, Facebook, Twitter etc. for crossdressing activities.

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5. Avoid exposing your credit card or address data

Provide your real name and address only if you absolutely have to.

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6. Shop safely

Do not reveal your name or address. Use pickup points. Try to go to a local supermarket.

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7. Use VPN

It will keep your activities away from prying eyes, especially if you like to be naughty.

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8. Do not trust people in private chats

Don't get too excited while talking to strangers. Avoid sending your male photos to them.

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9. Start small

Don't publish your face or nude pics on the day one of crossdressing. You may experience difficulties with removing them from the social media later. Stay calm and evolve slowly into a confident woman.

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10. Be careful about photo licensing

Avoid Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses if you want to have some control over your pics.

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11. Remove old photos from social media

Do not hesitate to remove your old pics that you consider ugly.

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12. Do not reveal too much about yourself

Do not expose your location or male-to-female comparisons.

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13. Do not publish your photos in places that give no control

Remember that once something is posted on the internet, it is up forever. Avoid losing control over your photos.

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14. Be careful while choosing your female identity

While choosing your woman name or style, avoid references to yourself.

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